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    Continuing the Process

    Process Post #5 Mauve Pagé’s (2021) lecture video was extremely informative and brilliant! There were many things she touched on that I never would have thought of. She also did a really fantastic job of keeping everything simple and concise, specifically helpful for a beginner web creator and designer – I guess that is her specialty. With that said, I was able to use her video as a checklist for my own blog. I realized that I had already implemented many of the things she mentioned, however, there were a few design practices that she analyzed that I could adjust on my end.  Firstly, I feel like I have done…

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    The Process

    Process Post #2:  The overall setting up, installation, and designing process was a lot more difficult than I expected, and incredibly stressful to say the least. Regardless of the troubles I experienced in the beginning, I was determined to start right away to make for a more seamless and efficient upcoming weeks. To start, the process of buying a domain on Reclaim Hosting was fairly simple. Installing WordPress was also not too difficult with the help of the instructions on https://posiel.com/docs/hosting-setup/. However, it was what came next that I was very stumped on. After installing WordPress, I was unable to figure out where to go from there. I was staring at an “Installatron”…