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Process Post #3

This week I am going to be reflecting on and voicing my opinions about the new direction 

NoFrills is taking their socials and advertisements. More specifically, I will be touching on “The Haulerverse” campaigns/advertainments and website, as well as their Spotify album Haulin’ State of Mind.

I am loving it! Although I am not an avid Twitter user, I immediately went over to NoFrill’s Twitter after Suzanne mentioned in lecture, the new things they have been creating. I was honestly shocked that what I was seeing was for a grocery store?? 

For starters, NoFrills has created a comic book-inspired campaigned called the “The Haulerverse,”as an addition to their already existing Haulers program.

Essentially they have made a comic using four different characters. It looks as though the story is being unfolded each week (every Thursday) in their digital flyer as well as in video format on their Twitter and Instagram pages. 

While browsing, I also noticed that they teased and introduced each character before releasing the comic. I was able to find more about each character as well as the series on Interestingly enough I also found NoFrills stickers, GIFS, and Instagram filters that can be found here (super cool!). It is also important to note that the comics that they are releasing are in Anime style which has become huge over the past couple of years. I also couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the artwork (their banner specifically) sort of looks like the Netflix Original Stranger Things (the lighting and the way the store is suspended in the air). 

Lastly, I noticed that the character choice was inclusive and that many people were happy to see a diversity in the characters. For example, this tweet voices the representation that the character Nia provides

Nonetheless, what I am seeing overall is that NoFrills is making an effort (and succeeding) to implement various modern-day trends, popular sources and technological advancements, and different marketing strategies to attract exposure and customers. I mean, must say I am not sure I have seen comics in video formats before, nor have I seen a grocery store with their own Vinyl… (can be purchased at their Haulershop). 

With that said, I think their advertising and campaigns are working so well (with one video reaching 3.7 million views), is because they aren’t ordinary grocery store ads that we see from let’s say Walmart pr Superstore. NoFrills is doing something different and people are noticing; the uniqueness is catching people’s eye. It also just looks cool and makes you want to stop to see what it’s about when you’re scrolling by. In other words, it’s engaging. Furthermore, I think it helps that the campaign is interactive and allows you to see yourself in these characters, as a shopper. And because each issue is released week by week, it makes you come back over and over. 

To wrap up my thoughts I am going to say that I have always seen NoFrills as one of the outcast grocery stores, however, they seem to be picking up some traction recently. I feel like even if you had no idea what NoFrills was or what purpose it serves, you’d be interested to find out just by taking a glance at what they have to offer. 

This tweet also sums it up!

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