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Process Post #1:

This vision board captures my websites themes, content, and purpose as one visual entity. Creating this board was a good way for me to visualize exactly what I want to do with my blog; the direction I want to take it, and how it is going to look and feel. Naturally, I am a person who pays close attention to detail, aesthetics, and cohesiveness. I feel calmer and more pleased when things are in unison and have an overall commonality. For example, this board mainly strays away from bright colors and sticks to muted and neutral tones. The photos fall under a similar vibe and I believe it will attract people who also entertain a vibe alike. 

I used Pinterest to create the board. There wasn’t a specific board or account I was looking at. Instead, I searched key words for what I was looking for, such as “workout” and “accessories”, and then scrolled until I found photos that spoke to me and fit the overall look I was going for. When thinking in terms of the aesthetic or vibe I went with, I think I pull a lot of inspiration from people I follow on Instagram. From clothing and accessories to interior design, I typically gravitate toward a modern and luxurious look, as well European or Parisian ambiance or style.  For example, I really enjoy Lauren Elizabeth’s and Nitsan Raiter’s Instagram pages.   

To elaborate, within my blog I would like to include topics based on beauty, fashion, and health. Therefore, I have chosen images that display just that. For example, in the top left there is a girl with a towel in her hair and a face mask on. Furthermore, there are a couple of photos of skincare and makeup products, as well as hairstyles. These images are meant to demonstrate taking time to do skincare as well as other things that either calm you or make you feel good about yourself. The image of the girl on a chair, the black boot, and the gold jewelry are all meant to represent my love and knowledge for all things fashion. Finally, the top right image is meant to express choosing whole foods when buying groceries and eating your greens. There are a few other images that go alongside this one to encapsulate implementing a healthy lifestyle and listening to your body. 

These three categories are important to me as they all fall under what “Self-Care” means to me. 

To dive deeper, I struggle with taking time for myself and the things I love, therefore, I want to use this platform as a way to get the ball rolling, motivating me to take care of myself, while also participating in a lost goal of mine (blogging). 

Vision board made with PowerPoint. Pictures retrieved from Pinterest – to look at my Pinterest hit the P in the top right corner of my website!

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