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The Last Hour of the Internet

Process Post #4

“If you only had one hour left with the internet what would you do in that time?”

When thinking about this question during lecture, I immediately thought about pictures. 

I am definitely the type of person that loves to look at pictures as they always bring back the most vivid memories. I am constantly taking photos with my friends and significant other, specifically for the purpose of them to look at later down the road. I love looking at my mom’s photo albums from when she was a young adult, as well as the albums she made for me and brother.

Some may say that you don’t need photos or any sentimental objects to remember good times, however, I feel much more connected to the memory and past experiences when there is a photo to represent it, especially because you forget a lot of things from when you were younger that are easily brought up by looking at pictures. For example, you may remember taking a trip to Mexico when you were 10, but you may not remember a small funny part of the trip that made you and your brother laugh for hours until you see a photo. More specifically, because I have lost a family member, it sometimes feels like the only thing I have left are the photos with them.

Nonetheless, with all that said, in my last hour, I would try to print as many photos as possible that I possibly can. Whether that be printing them from home on plain paper (it’s better than nothing) or putting them all on a USB and going to London drugs. Although the photos are on my computer, and are backed up with the cloud, I would be losing access to the cloud. With that said, I would need a second form of back up. Honestly this experience would force me to start printing my photos, something I have always wanted to do but never get around to. In fact, I have now made it a goal of mine to make albums for each of the last 5 years this summer. I want to be able to show my children these photos the same way my mom and dad were able to show me.

Aside from printing pictures, I would print a couple of documents that are really important to me, again as a backup. I would also scour the internet looking for anything to keep me entertained because I no longer have my “personal television” (Derakhshan, 2015, para 50). For example, during quarantine last March, I was really into doing puzzles and coloring books, as that is all I could really do (other than looking at screens all day long). Although I could just go to the store later on and not waste time, I feel like everyone else would have this same idea (and they did in March), so I would make sure to order these things right away before they sell out.

I honestly couldn’t think of much else right off the bat, so, after creating my own very short list, I moved to the Internet (haha) to gather some more ideas I may have been missing. The only things I could really find were this Quora thread and this Reddit thread. I must say I’ve never used either of these platforms but there were some very interesting yet questionable things.  

For starters, I saw a couple people mention downloading music. I had not thought of this at all and immediately realized that I wouldn’t be able to use Spotify. I mean I mostly listen to the radio because I am too lazy to pull out Spotify, but I might think about downloading music to my device within that hour. Furthermore, there was a mention of offline games such as racing or puzzle type games (corresponding post). As I previously mentioned, I think anything that can be used as a form of entertainment would be a huge thing to think of. With that said, I saw many people saying they are going buy lots of stuff…whether that was whatever was in their shopping carts on clothing sites, or random goods on Amazon. I’m not sure how this will help in the long run, but, I guess, entertainment?

One of the most interesting and beneficial ideas I saw however was this; “post my address and phone number on Facebook and ask for the same. A lot of my long-distance friends/family only keep in touch through FB and we wouldn’t know how to get a hold of each other”. This idea struck many thoughts in my head. It is true, Facebook and Instagram allow us to keep tabs on people we wouldn’t normally see or socialize with. That being said, I think this would be extremely important for people who have relatives in other countries.

Lastly, I saw a few people saying they would delete their platforms and do their best to “erase” themselves from the internet.  This may be because “sometimes people share very personal things about themselves” on social media (Suler, 2004, para 1). As Suler (2004) said “you don’t realize who is watching you or what they know about you”, and these unknowns plants fear into many people (para 38). 

Although this scenario may seem like the end of the world to a lot of us, I think many would view this as a “true privilege” (Mod, 2017, para 33). Being able to step away from the digital world. However, I wonder how long that feeling would last?


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