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Process Post #7

I have made a few changes based on the peer review I received from Brianna Carniel. First off, she expressed that my website would look more cohesive if I removed “the exclamation marks around [my] About Me and Contact Me pages”. That said, I made those changes as well as removed the one in my Introduction category under my Home page. I agree with this critique of Brianna’s as it didn’t really make sense to only have it on a few menu items. With fresh eyes and an alternate opinion, I was able to see where I lacked cohesiveness (Pagé, 2021).

Brianna also mentioned that it was “quite difficult” to find my social media and could only find it on the Contact Me page, however, it is also integrated into the top bar of my website, both on the left-, and right-hand side. Nonetheless, Brianna suggested that I “add widgets in the side bars of [my] Home page to make the social media more viewable”. Again, I agree with Brianna and was already thinking to add these widgets as I loved the look of hers! To help with the process I followed this tutorial on how to add my Instagram profile, and this tutorial to add a board from my Pinterest. I added both to the left side bar side as I already had a few widgets on the right. I do recognize that the number of columns in the Instagram widget and Pinterest widget are different (it bothers me too), however, I am not able to change it unless I get the PRO version (I wonder how Brianna has only 2 columns…). 

Lastly, Brianna suggests that “adding some more colour into [my] site would be a great way to up the aesthetic”. This is interesting as in my Continuing the Process process post, I mentioned how I feared that “all-pink featured images will get boring”. Her proposal has allowed me to see that my audience views this the same way as me, and it has also encouraged me to make some modifications. That being said, I have begun to integrate a few other colours while still remaining minimal and neutral. For example, I have incorporated a darker pink as well as a beige into the graphics of my featured images as well as a light blue on my magazine cover in my fourth mini assignment. I think the way I have added more color is tasteful and I hope to continue this integration. Furthermore, I think the addition of the Instagram and Pinterest widgets helps with adding more interest and color. Although I was wary of adding more color because I didn’t want to stray away from website identity and create chaos, I believe that I was able to do it in a way that “works together as a whole” (Pagé, 2021, 8:22).

I would also like to point out that Brianna recommends that I “use the same style of font on the featured images” to make it look more “clean”, however, as I previously mentioned in my Continuing the Process process post, I decided to use this as the one area of my blog that is different and unique; “keeping important information cohesive while also implementing variety” (Pagé, 2021). There are a few different typefaces within my featured images, but I have been alternating between them so it doesn’t become too hectic and distracting.

As Basu (2020) mentions “digital gardens…are frequently adjusted and changed to show growth and learning, particularly among people with niche interests” (para 3). That’s said, I hope to keep in mind that small improvements in publishing have the capacity to make substantial and noticeable differences


Basu, Tanya. September, 5 2020. “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” MIT Technology Review.

Pagé, Mauve. 2021. Lecture video retrieved from

Featured image created with Canva

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