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Blog Post 1: Look Forward to…

Beauty, Fashion and Health!  

I have chosen these three topics as I am extremely passionate about all of them and have always pondered the idea of sharing my opinions, thoughts, and advice about them, either through a blog, YouTube channel, or curated Instagram page. However, I have continuously let the idea rest due to the other areas of my life I choose (not wholeheartedly) to put my time and effort in. In saying this, I have come to understand, upon recent months of reflection, that I often neglect the things that make me happy. I am not experienced in compartmentalizing and have created a very thin line between my school and personal life, which is essentially very unhealthy. In place of these joys and hobbies, I instead adhere to common social constructs that constantly tell me I need to work more and harder (I’m sure you have all heard those voices in your head at one point or another). In other words, I focus much of my time preparing for future course work, such as reading and taking notes for most of the week, completing and obsessively perfecting assignments, and studying. Aside from school, I am also balancing between working as well as volunteering weekly. However, I would like to think that if I didn’t have this habit of constantly worrying about school and placing an immense amount of pressure on myself to be perfect and get perfect grades, I would participate in various activities that I actually want to do.  

With all that said, this challenge I experience is an important part of this blog as I myself, and many others wish to see a change and growth in engaging in proper work-life balance, and I think this blog will put me (and hopefully you) in the right direction! With that said, I believe this blog will allow me to take a step back and indulge in the things that bring me light and joy, all while sharing them with you, taking away from my daily stressors. Therefore, I look forward to the opportunity this outlet will give me.  

I will share special moments that I take for me and myself, beauty tricks and routines, fashion tips and go-to’s, and favorite products, items, and recipes. These entries are meant to be inspirational and motivational. My hope is that this blog will encourage you as well to take time for the things that calm you, make you feel good, and distract you from your everyday tasks. I encourage you all to make time for that one thing you’ve been wanting to do, learn, or practice (for me it’s sharing my love for beauty, fashion, and health with others, so I’m doing just that!), make time to go get your favorite coffee or take the time to simply take a bath. Essentially, take care of yourself. To me, as I included in my vision board, “Self-Care” means “doing things that make you feel more like yourself”. I have always thought of it as doing what you need to do to make yourself feel better and happy. Often times for me it is watching Netflix, with a face mask on, with a tub of ice-cream in hand. Personally, that is how I feel cared for; it is necessary for my mental health. Whatever that may be for you, do it! 

Finally, a little bit about the name of this blog…Marisa’s Muse. Well, I’m Marisa and the verb “to muse” means to consider something thoughtfully” and as a noun it means “a person — especially a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration”, so, it kind of just fit! Oh! And it’s an alliteration… 

Enough talking! I hope you all enjoy the rest I have to offer! 

Xx Marisa 

Check out my Vision Board here!

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