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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Hellooooo everyone! Marisa has invited me, yes me, Dory, of course, to share with you my nighttime routine and what I do to get the best sleep possible!!! She thought I would be the perfect guest writer for this topic as I have many tricks up my sleeve to keep this busy body calm, and I agree! I’m soooo excited to be here, you have no idea…like…yea…wow…Okay, okay…ANYWAYS, let’s get unready with me!!!!

Well, for starters, you all know me, I have troubles unwinding, and letting my brain relax. It’s constantly racing!! How about you? Does your brain ever stop? What did you eat for breakfast? Oh my… off track again. As I was saying, I have some issues with relaxing. So, to combat my stress, eagerness, and energetic self, I ALWAYS start by preparing for the next day, if I can. This includes using that reminder app thing to set reminders (you all know how forgetful I am), making sticky notes as an extra measure, modifying my weekly schedule, and laying out my outfit. These simple steps allow me to destress and relax. If I take these measures at the end of every day, I won’t worry about the next day as much when closing my eyes. This allows my brain to rest and always helps in unwinding and starting my nightly process.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way I…Hmmm wait what do I do now? Oh! To begin the unwinding, I usually start by choosing and applying a face mask! I’ve got a few favorites, but all of them have come from Marisa’s recommendations, so stay tuned for her upcoming post on facemasks. I must say I don’t do this every night because I’m usually bouncing off the walls, super busy, and forget (of course). But when I do remember, I quite enjoy it and am happy that I am making my skin health a priority. 

If I need to shower I’ll do that now and then I moisturize my body when I’m out! Baths are great too, however, I rarely have the time or patience for them (something I’m working on). Sometimes it helps to use Lavender lotion like the Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion by Aveeno. This one is meant to calm and relax you! And it smells so good mmmmm, like so good. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Okay…then, I put on some comfy pajamas and get started on my skin care routine. I could talk about skin care allll dayyyy longggg, but I’m sure you’d get annoyed with me, so I’m going to try and be brief. Basically, if I didn’t cleanse my face in the shower, because sometimes I shower at night, and sometimes I don’t, but sometimes I do, so it’s already done…Oh, my here I go again. So – I cleanse and then continue with a toner, my serums, and face moisturizer. Voila!

Moving on, I then uhhh uh, oh yes, I turn on my wax warmer. It’s this thing that heats up yummy smelling wax with the heat of a light. Mine also has Himalayan salt rocks surrounding it. Supposedly those are supposed to absorb negative ions, getting rid of anxiety and boosting your mood…who knows. It does look pretty though! And adds some nice, diffused light, promoting sleepiness. At this point I also like to fill up my diffuser and add in a couple drops of essential oils. My favorites for the evening are in the mini set from Saje called, what’s it called again…I think Relaxation, yes. Although I’m not sure they have it anymore, they do have this one, which is basically the exact same! The diffuser just helps calms me. It also sounds nice!!! But, if you don’t have either of these, don’t worry! You can also light a favorite candle of yours. But I highly suggest getting a diffuser, it’s a gamechanger!! 

I then make a sleepy time tea! Usually, David’s Tea, but I have seen some at the grocery story too. Whatever you do, make sure its decaffeinated, or else were never going to sleep!!!

Then I spray my pillows with the Bath and body Works Stress Relief Pillow Mist. They’ve got a lot of other amazing mists as well!! I want them all. Should I get the Lavender Vanilla one next??? Hmm…Oops, I don’t mean to keep you waiting…

Links at the end of post.

Now for the best part wooo… I get into my MADE bed! Yes, I make my bed every morning!! It makes for a good start, productive day, and a dreamy evening. This is when I put on some lip balm and usually just hangout in bed, on my phone (which I am trying to get better at). But it’s really the only time in my day that I get to be on my phone… Any suggestions here?

Anyways, that’s basically all… When I am ready to sleep I play the Spotify’s White Noise playlist on very low volume. There are tons to choose from!! I used to look up “vacuum” or “fan” sounds, but this current playlist has got it all… I know, I’m weird, but it works!! There are some nights where I can’t fall asleep without it! Give it a try!

I think that’s everything…Right? Dory did you tell them everything? Did I forget anything? I hope not…Sorry! Sometimes I speak to myself…

Well, that’s all from me. But I will mention a couple of things that I would like to add into my nightly routine – Journaling and maybe a quick evening stretch. Do either of these work for you?

Okay, I’ve gotta skedaddle! I hope you all get a chance to try out my routine! I’d also love to hear back from you all, has anything changed for you? Do you feel more relaxed? Oh! And leave any recommendations for me to try!!!! 

P.S. Sometimes it’s okay to stop swimming, haha. Take care of yourselves. 

Sweet dreams everyone!

– Dory

Product Links:

Facemasks: (a couple I have tried)

Pajamas: (pictured),12413545,onproduct1_rr_3&clink=12413545#pdp-page-content (similar)

Body Moisturizers: (pictured) (similar) (body wash)

Wax warmers: (Himalayan salt rocks) (similar)

Diffusers: (pictured)–Gw-JqL70aAuUvEALw_wcB (similar) (similar)

Essential Oils: (pictured) (similar) (individual) (individual)

Sleep teas: (pictured) (similar) (similar)

Pillow Sprays: (pictured) (mentioned) (similar)

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