Taking My Own Advice?

A meme that reflects me and my blog.

Blog Post 2:

My meme not only represents myself but the overarching theme of my blog, self-care, as well as the three areas that serve as self-care for me. Do you relate to it? –

The meme is meant to depict something that I often tell myself but never follow through with. For example, at the start of each week I create a detailed schedule of what I plan to do and accomplish on each day. I try to stick to it, however, in the evening when I have completed my work, or I have given up around 11pm, I often tweak my schedule for the next day, mostly erasing tasks that I completed early and moving up tasks from the following days.

It is frequent where I try to tell myself that this week will be different, or tomorrow will be different, that I will not adapt my schedule, that I will not spend all day, everyday, doing work, perfecting discussions and trying to get ahead. However, unfortunately, I forget all that I told myself the week or evening prior, as if I was not listening, or not looking at myself in the mirror. I complete the to-do list and keep going to the next days list and so on, never allowing myself to take a break.

Here, you can see how this would cause a never-ending cycle of working hard and getting ahead. This sort of work ethic takes after the mentality that there is always something I can be doing; however, it is never actually beneficial. What? At the end of the semester, I will have an extra week to study? I mean, that’s great, but I feel as though it is more beneficial long-term for me to give myself a break daily. Although it may be advantageous to have an extra week to study, in turn, perhaps obtaining in good marks, my mental health as well as physical health would be taking a hit. This may even result in not doing well due to a lack of sleep or a bad mindset before the exam. Therefore, if I were to work at a relative pace, looking at my assignments week by week, I will be better off overall, not only for weekly assignments and exams, but for future life and even other endeavours of relationships.

With all that said, it is a goal of mine this semester to take each week as it comes, allowing myself to have a moment to for me in the evenings and the weekends. I would like to give myself more time to dive into my passion for all things beauty, fashion, and health related, whether that be spending 30 minutes online shopping or going for an evening walk. I think this will benefit all areas of my life specifically my mental and physical health.

Oh, and I’d like to start taking my own advice…

Until next time,

Xx Marisa

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