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Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated to work out, however, I found that when I feel confident, I am much more motivated to get up and go to the gym and kill it while I am there. That being said, a new workout outfit, a matching set, of course, usually does the trick – especially when I find myself in a bit of a workout rut. 

Matching sets are just way cuter and more efficient! Rather than picking between a random pair of leggings or a top here and there, it is a lot easier to grab a matching set. They are also extremely easy to shop for! Furthermore, sets can take you from the gym, to brunch or a coffee shop as you look very put together in them. Luckily for us, there are so many good sets out right now, with more and more popping up all the time! It’s the new thing. 

Bottom line is.. if you feel good and you look good, you will train good! 

I will share with you some of my favorite brands and sets! 

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise, but my favorite place to buy my workout sets or workout clothes, in general, is LululemonLululemon not only has the best quality items (in my opinion) but they also usually have the best, most flattering fits. Often times, with other brands, I notice the material is too thick or they don’t have a flattering waistband. That said, lululemon has mastered the thickness of their waistband and they also have the “V” in the back of many of their styles, that isn’t too high or too low (which many people have issues finding). Moreover, they have many styles to choose from depending on what you will be using the pieces for and what kind of support you are interested in. Lululemon has everything! Not to mention, their clothing is extremely durable, if you are using their items for what they are recommended for. I don’t usually have issues with their leggings being too sheer or ripping. However, if something ever goes wrong, they have a great return policy. Although the brand can be pricey, it is worth it for me to pay the price to feel confident and have it last through years and years of both athleisure and workout wear. 

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My favorite color right now is water Water Drop – take your pick!

Lululemon favorites:

Another brand that I have gotten into very recently is Alphalete Athletics. This brand can be seen all over Instagram, with many fitness athletes wearing and promoting their stuff. I first tried their “Surface Path” leggings (pictured) a few years ago which have a criss-cross waistband and I was a fan. Ever since then, I wanted to try some more but I was waiting for the perfect color. That said, in the time from when I ordered until now, I have heard that their quality has gotten significantly better, even comparable to Lululemon. So, I recently made an order and got a pair of their new Alphalux Harmony Leggings (supposedly Lululemon Align quality/feel),  a pair of their new Identity Pro Joggers, and their new long-sleeved cropped zip-up, the Amplify Jacket. I will report back! 

Alphalete Athletics is a great brand because they have new drops every month, giving you a variety of materials, colors, and styles to choose from. Thus, they always have multiple items in one color making it easy for you to find a matching set, whether that be pants or shorts, or a bra, top, or hoodie/jacket. 

Featured: Criss Cross Leggings

I also love the brand TNA at Aritzia. They are my favorite for sets with shorts. I recently got TnaLIFE™ Atmosphere Hi-Rise 5″ Short and the TnaLIFE™ Mini Bra Top both in the color “Sky Blue” (pictured). I also got the Cozy Fleece Boyfriend 5″ Sweatshort in the color “Gd Inkey Grey”, which I happened to have a matching Lululemon sports bra for (pictured below).

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Lastly, I have heard great things from the brand Gymshark. Although I have tried this brand in the past (a few years ago) and wasn’t the biggest fan, it isn’t the brand’s fault. I wasn’t fond of the style I chose as it didn’t do anything for my body. For me personally, the waistband wasn’t thick enough and the material was too thick. I also chose a pair of leggings that were seamless which isn’t something I prefer. I ended up returning the leggings, but kept the Flex Strappy Sports Bra which was really cute! That said, I know many people love the brand and I know their quality and fit have improved, so if you like the look of their stuff, I would give it a try! – I have my eye on the Chalk Shorts and the Chalk Sports Bra.

Some other brands I have come across that look very cute and always have matching items are: 

There are also so many affordable dupes on Amazon that I have come across on Tik Tok.  Although many are hard to find on the Canadian site, or cost a lot more on the Canadian site, there are great options if you’re in the US. For example, this two-piece set or Sweaty Shark set.  

Lululemon Align Dupes on Amazon:

I have tried a few of their workout tops myself and they were surprisingly really nice. Although not a matching set, you can pair these tops with anything. 

In my Amazon cart: 

Give yourself a confidence boost by treating yourself to a new matching gym set!

Xx Marisa

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