Jeans, Really?

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Do you ever wake up feeling like you need a boost of confidence in the morning? I feel you!  

Picture this: You wake up exhausted, not feeling particularly cute. You have things to tackle on your to-do list like getting your nails done and picking up some items for tonight recipe. You want to leave the house with your bedhead and your lululemon’s because no one will care, right? 

But it’s totally just as easy to slip on a pair of your favorites jeans and you’ll walk out feeling way better than you would have if you went with option one. 

Or picture this: You’re in the middle of a pandemic and haven’t gotten ready in months because there’s nowhere to go! Your mental health is depleting because you feel gross staying home every day, wearing your pajamas, with pimple patches on your face.

Well, even if you’re not going anywhere, get ready for the day. Trust me on this one.

When I’m in a slump, not liking what I see in the mirror, I like to (actually) get dressed. I mean a “real” outfit, with jeans and all. I know a lot of us wear lululemon legging or joggers on a daily, and there is nothing wrong with that, I do it too! However, wearing jeans makes me feel good about myself! I feel put together and super cute! And to others, it immediately looks like you’ve put effort into your outfit. Also, because I am currently going to school and working from home every day, I feel like it increases my productivity when I “get ready”, as if I were heading to work or school. 

When I’m wearing a pair of jeans that I feel confident and cute in, I feel unstoppable!

That being said, I have an obsession with jeans! There I said it! My collection has been growing over the years as I search for the PERFECT pair! 

I am quite picky! I like my jeans long, covering the ankles, as it gives the appearance of longer legs and looks classier. Longer jeans also work with any shoe choice such as sneakers, heels, or boots. That being said, when looking for straight or wide leg jeans, I make sure I am able to wear them over my heeled boots without them looking too short. When selecting skinny jeans, I make sure that I am able to tuck them in seamlessly into my boots, without any skin showing. I also don’t like jeans that taper at the mid-thigh or knee area as this makes my hips look bigger, extenuating my skinny thighs. Thus, I mostly buy look for super straight or loose jeans. Finally, I only wear high wasted jeans, usually around or above the belly button. This rise makes me feel the most confident and looks great with everything. Anything lower than that I find looks weird with bodysuits or when tucking in tops.

With all that said, I am 5’5.5, however I have longer legs, so I usually look for a 31-32 inseam, however, I have found it difficult to find full length jeans up until recently! Therefore, I have made a short list of my all-time favorite jeans for my fellow long-legged gals.

Pair 1: AGOLDE Black Mid-Rise Loose Fit Distressed Jeans

  • Brand: AGOLDE
  • Style: 90’s loose fit
  • Description: My all-time favorite jeans! I love these jeans because they are the absolute perfect length. Not too short, but not too long either. They are the exact definition of a “straight” leg jean, with 0 taper – my fav. They’re also a tad off-black which vibes well with the distressed look. Perfect jeans for a blazer and square-toed heels!
  • In blue: AGOLDE 90s Jean

Pair 2: BDG High-Waisted Baggy Jean – Bleached Light Wash

  • Style: Baggy
  • Brand: BDG
  • Description: These jeans are just super cool! They have a super relaxed fit in the bum and leg area but synch at the waist (depending on what size you get). They are also pretty slouchy at the bottom making them perfect for a bunched look with sneakers.
  • Darker wash: BDG High-Waisted Baggy Jean – Medium Wash

Pair 3: Wide Leg Full Length Jeans 

  • Brand: ZARA
  • Style: Wide leg
  • Description: One of my new favorites! The wash and fit are just * chef’s kiss*. They are super fitted on my waist and make my bum look great. They have a wider bottom which I love for a more elevated look. My favorite way to wear this pair is with a thick heeled boot. They are extremely long and already come with a raw hem, however, to fit me perfectly, I ended up cutting about two inches of the bottom. Unfortunately, these aren’t the exact pair I have, but they are almost exact. I bought mine back in October and they were called “Hi Rise Wide Leg Full Length Jeans”
  • Alternative: Zw Premium The ‘90s Full Length Jeans (with rips)

Pair 4: Holly Asymmetric Straight Leg Jean Light Wash Denim

  • Brand: Princess Polly
  • Style: Criss-cross
  • Description: The criss-cross style is super on-trend! Denim but with a twist. I loved these jeans for the summer. They work perfectly for anything cropped such as tanks and tees & even cropped blazers. I also love pairing them with a bodysuit to really show off the front detailing. Again, the length is perfect, and the straightness of the leg is exactly what I look for! I would recommend sizing down if you are interested in the Princess Polly pair. 
  • Alternative: AGOLDE Criss Cross Jean  (blue) & AGOLDE Criss Cross Jean (black)

Pair 5: Topshop Tall Jamie Skinny Jeans in Mid Wash  

  • Brand: TOPSHOP
  • Style: Skinny 
  • Description: I still don’t have a pair of skinny jeans that I am in love with, but this is one of the only pairs I gravitate towards if I need a skinny jean moment. They are super comfy and form perfectly to your bottom, as they are more of a stretchy jean. They are also a great length as they are considered “Tall”. I will say that the crotch is a bit “long” on these, however. I need to keep looking… Also, apparently, TOPSHOP  is now only on ASOS and The Bay? Interesting.
  • Alternative: Denim Forum The Lola High Rise Skinny 30L

I am still on the hunt for the perfect straight leg, non-ripped black pair. If you have any recommendations comment them down below!

Throw on those jeans…

Xx Marisa 

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