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I often experience days where I do not feel like putting a cute outfit together. On these days I usually gravitate towards a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a sweatsuit. However, sometimes these outfits can look kind of boring and not very stylish. That said, my favorite way to transform a not-so-interesting outfit is by using accessories! Accessories are super versatile as they are extra additions to outfits. Although simple and typically small, they can make a huge difference! It makes it look like you put thought into your outfit and planned it really well when in reality you just put on a couple of earrings and grabbed a purse. If you want to look more “put together” then keep reading!

The following ideas aren’t ground-breaking; however, I hope this post encourages you to dig through your closet and jewelry box to find something to use. 


All jewelry pieces can spice up your outfit! There are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and even anklets. Start by choosing if you prefer gold and silver and then work from there! However, the key to using jewelry to make your outfit look more stylized is by layering your pieces of jewelry.  However, if you’re new to accessorizing jewelry, you can just start with a subtle piece of jewelry like little diamond studs, thin hoop earrings, or a delicate pendant necklace—classic pieces usually work with almost anything.

I particularly love gold; however, I like silver too, and am okay to mix my metals! If you are like me, and like both too, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

That being said, I love to play around with different length chains. There are so many different kinds of chains to choose from box chains, staple chains, curb chains, etc. I usually like to do a super short chain, a medium-length chain, and then a longer one with a pendant. The same can be done with bracelets! Throw a few on or have a couple of staples that you never take off and you will be set!

Earrings and rings are another super easy jewelry piece to layer up. If you have a few piercings, try two different-sized hoops and a stud, or even just one hoop! Hoops are great because you can see them a lot more than a stud, adding that much more detail and dimension to your outfit. You can even purchase ear cuffs if you don’t have any cartilage piercings. A stacked ear always looks good in my opinion! In terms of rings, the same thing applies! Get some stackable rings, a few on each finger, and maybe a couple on each hand too!

Don’t be afraid to play around! I feel like it’s really hard to wear too much if the jewelry is tasteful!

My favorite jewelry brands: 

My favorite chain: Medium Rope Chain


Bags can also transform a look from just okay, to super chic! Once again, the outfit becomes thought out and well-rounded. I would suggest finding a couple of staple bags in neutral colors to go with every look (black, white, brown). If you have handbags in varied styles and colors, you’ll always have a unique accessory. And I don’t mean buying designer bags if you don’t want to, any handbag or crossbody bag will do! In fact, it is honestly better to have a few more affordable bags than it is to have one luxury bag. Regardless, bags go with anything, no matter if you’re dressing more causal or fancier. I love throwing on a shoulder bag with just a sweatsuit. Instead of looking like I just rolled out of bed, I can make my groutfit (grey outfit) look more established with some white sneakers and socks, a couple of chains, and a cute bag. 

Shoulder or baguette bags are definitely my favorite and very much in trend right now! They come in all different colors and even in different textures and patterns. Zebra and crocodile print were very much in style recently, and even fuzzy bags too! Now, fun colors are becoming popular for the spring. You can even find some with other cool features like chain or ribbon handles and buckles. I’m sure there is something out there that suits your style!

That said, it is so easy to grab a handbag before leaving, and it even gives you a spot for your keys, wallet, and lip-gloss!

My favorite places to buy bags:

My favorite bag: Black Nylon Shoulder Bag


Although the original purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, sunglasses have been used as an accessory to style outfits for a long time as well. I mean, the best model looks always include a pair of cool sunglasses. That being said, sunglasses are a fun, yet practical way to amp up an outfit and give it something extra! Also, the great thing about sunglasses is that, if you’re not feeling so hot, you can put on a big pair to cover your face! Breaking out recently t? Woke up with nag undereye bags? – No worries – Some pairs even give off the “don’t talk to me” vibe. 

Just like nags and jewelry, sunglasses come in endless styles too. I’m sure that as you grow to love sunglasses you will want several pairs. In fact, several pairs will likely be needed to bridge the gap between the on and off-duty fashion sense. Personally, I like round sunglasses with thin gold frames, such as RayBan’s, as well as black chunky ones (like the famous Hailey Baldwin Celine’s – Model status!). Tortoiseshell frames are really fun and cool at the moment too. There are also many affordable dupes to designer sunglasses out there! Even Amazon has some super cheap and trendy pairs.

My favorite places to buy sunglasses:

My favorite pairs: Hailey Baldwin Celine Dupe & another Amazon fav  

Mix and matching the above accessories (and even a couple others; hats, belts, hair accessories) will give you an endless number of outfits, converting an easy or “boring” outfit to something super stylish and trendy. Remember, accessories not only have the power to kick your look up a notch, but they can also give you a boost of body confidence. As I’ve mentioned before in my post about Jeans , if you like your outfit and how you look, you’ll feel a lot better of yourself. So, next time you don’t have time to think of something super cute, just pick out a few accessories and get on your way – it’s that easy!

I am super happy I was able to share these ideas with you! I have always wanted to post something like this, so I am glad I am doing something that brings me joy – indulging in self-care! That said, I hope this post has made you feel more confident accessorizing! 

Keep styling babes!

Xx Marisa 

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