About Me!

Hello! Welcome!

My Name is Marisa, and this is my new blog!

Before you dive in, it would be cool to get to know a little bit about me…

  • I am 21 years old and live in North Burnaby 
  • Both my parents were born in Greece; I can speak, read, and write in Greek
  • I am in my fourth year in Education, graduating this semester, and planning to start PDP next fall (fingers crossed!)
  • My end goal is to take over my mom’s business and become a Montessori preschool teacher 
  • Unfortunately, I get stressed easily and find it hard to take a step back and breathe 
  • When I do make time for myself, I enjoy watching YouTube, scrolling on Pinterest, trying out different face masks and practicing my calligraphy skills
  • I love warm weather, watching sunsets, and going for walks with a good beverage in hand
  • I take pride in being a good friend and helping those around me

Because I really enjoy the content that I ingest daily from various Instagram influencers and YouTubers, I am looking forward to having a domain to create my own! I hope you all find some take-away’s from my future postings! Enjoy!

P.S. There is also a section of my blog called “PUB 101” where I will be posting my course work for this class I am taking. It will include various mini assignments that might be worth visiting, as well as a few other assignments. 

Xx Marisa