• Process Posts

    Following Up

    Process Post #7 I have made a few changes based on the peer review I received from Brianna Carniel. First off, she expressed that my website would look more cohesive if I removed “the exclamation marks around [my] About Me and Contact Me pages”. That said, I made those changes as well as removed the one in my Introduction category under my Home page. I agree with this critique of Brianna’s as it didn’t really make sense to only have it on a few menu items. With fresh eyes and an alternate opinion, I was able to see where I lacked cohesiveness (Pagé, 2021). Brianna also mentioned that it was “quite difficult” to find my social media and could only find…

  • Mini Assignments

    Mini Assignment #4: Remix

    This week, I was tasked to “remix” something. Although not very good at music software, photo editing, or anything like that, I thought I could do something simple yet eye-capturing. I thought this idea was well suited for the theme of my blog! Here, I have taken a recent outfit photo of myself (using styling techniques from my most recent post on Accessories) and have added various text boxes to mimic a fashion magazine cover. I feel as though this remix best relates to my blog and my love for fashion. Featured image created with Canva

  • Beauty

    Currently Loving

    Blog Post #7 This is a roundup of 9 products I am currently loving! Some are fairly new, and others I have been using for a couple of months, however, they are still “current” in my eyes as they haven’t been used much due to staying home… I have categorized the products into makeup, skincare, and other. I hope there is something here that sparks your interest! Makeup Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara This mascara is definitely ICONIC. My favorite mascara to date and I have tried A LOT. Also, surprisingly enough, this is my first ever non-drugstore mascara. I heard about this one from a Youtuber from Vancouver, Allana Davison. She…