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    Blog Post #3 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Hellooooo everyone! Marisa has invited me, yes me, Dory, of course, to share with you my nighttime routine and what I do to get the best sleep possible!!! She thought I would be the perfect guest writer for this topic as I have many tricks up my sleeve to keep this busy body calm, and I agree! I’m soooo excited to be here, you have no idea…like…yea…wow…Okay, okay…ANYWAYS, let’s get unready with me!!!! Well, for starters, you all know me, I have troubles unwinding, and letting my brain relax. It’s constantly racing!! How about you? Does your brain ever stop? What…

  • Mini Assignments

    Mini Assignment #2: Guest Post

    This week I’ll be having a Guest writer on my blog! Everyone welcome Dory from Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”! Dory will be sharing how she unwinds and gets ready for bed! If you have trouble sleeping be sure to check it out! To read Dory’s blog post on sleep click here! 

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    Process Post #3 This week I am going to be reflecting on and voicing my opinions about the new direction  NoFrills is taking their socials and advertisements. More specifically, I will be touching on “The Haulerverse” campaigns/advertainments and website, as well as their Spotify album Haulin’ State of Mind. I am loving it! Although I am not an avid Twitter user, I immediately went over to NoFrill’s Twitter after Suzanne mentioned in lecture, the new things they have been creating. I was honestly shocked that what I was seeing was for a grocery store??  For starters, NoFrills has created a comic book-inspired campaigned called the “The Haulerverse,”as an addition to their already existing Haulers program. Essentially they…

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    The Process

    Process Post #2:  The overall setting up, installation, and designing process was a lot more difficult than I expected, and incredibly stressful to say the least. Regardless of the troubles I experienced in the beginning, I was determined to start right away to make for a more seamless and efficient upcoming weeks. To start, the process of buying a domain on Reclaim Hosting was fairly simple. Installing WordPress was also not too difficult with the help of the instructions on https://posiel.com/docs/hosting-setup/. However, it was what came next that I was very stumped on. After installing WordPress, I was unable to figure out where to go from there. I was staring at an “Installatron”…

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    Taking My Own Advice?

    Blog Post 2: My meme not only represents myself but the overarching theme of my blog, self-care, as well as the three areas that serve as self-care for me. Do you relate to it? – The meme is meant to depict something that I often tell myself but never follow through with. For example, at the start of each week I create a detailed schedule of what I plan to do and accomplish on each day. I try to stick to it, however, in the evening when I have completed my work, or I have given up around 11pm, I often tweak my schedule for the next day, mostly erasing…

  • Marisa's Muse


    Blog Post 1: Look Forward to… Beauty, Fashion and Health!   I have chosen these three topics as I am extremely passionate about all of them and have always pondered the idea of sharing my opinions, thoughts, and advice about them, either through a blog, YouTube channel, or curated Instagram page. However, I have continuously let the idea rest due to the other areas of my life I choose (not wholeheartedly) to put my time and effort in. In saying this, I have come to understand, upon recent months of reflection, that I often neglect the things that make me happy. I am not experienced in compartmentalizing and have created a very thin line between my school and personal life, which is…

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    My Vision!

    Process Post #1: This vision board captures my websites themes, content, and purpose as one visual entity. Creating this board was a good way for me to visualize exactly what I want to do with my blog; the direction I want to take it, and how it is going to look and feel. Naturally, I am a person who pays close attention to detail, aesthetics, and cohesiveness. I feel calmer and more pleased when things are in unison and have an overall commonality. For example, this board mainly strays away from bright colors and sticks to muted and neutral tones. The photos fall under a similar vibe and I believe it will attract people who also entertain a vibe alike. …