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    My Experience and Growth As An Online Publisher

    I joined Pub 101 because I am an avid user of social media and have always wanted to publish myself and create an online identity in some way. More specifically, blogging was always something I wanted to get into, but never something I was able to bring to fruition, due to a lack of time, knowledge, and confidence. However, as mentioned in the introduction of my blog, I came to realize that I need to spend more time on things that bring me joy; essentially creating more of a work-life balance. I expressed that this blog would give me an outlet to indulge in my interests and begin to share something I…

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    Civil Conversations

    Today’s lecture was very eye opening. Just from the mere introduction and background story that Suzanne gave on David Weissman, I was beyond interested. It is not common to hear a republican switch their views, especially openly on social media, so, I was interested to see what he had to say. More specifically, I was interested to see how he bounced back from the abuse he received across platforms. Generally, “to the person targeted, it can feel like the perpetrator is everywhere: at home, in the office, on the bus, in the street” (Gardiner, Mansfield, Anderson, Holder, Louter & Ulmanu, 2016, para 27). The biggest takeaway from Weissman’s story is that…

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    Matching Sets

    Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated to work out, however, I found that when I feel confident, I am much more motivated to get up and go to the gym and kill it while I am there. That being said, a new workout outfit, a matching set, of course, usually does the trick – especially when I find myself in a bit of a workout rut.  Matching sets are just way cuter and more efficient! Rather than picking between a random pair of leggings or a top here and there, it is a lot easier to grab a matching set. They are also extremely easy to shop for! Furthermore, sets can…

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    The First Page of Google and Keywords

    Process Post #11 Today I want to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and how important the process is for websites to gain traction. As Hollingsworth (2013) explains “SEO is important for greater searchability and visibility” (para 1). As humans, we are “cognitive misers”, wanting to solve problems in the most simple and straightforward ways. We like to receive answers, good answers, at our fingertips. In fact, “a clear majority of the world that has access to the internet is visiting Google at least once a day to get information” (Hollingsworth, 2013, para 10). Therefore, when we organically search, we want all the best information to appear in front of our eyes. We don’t want to…

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    How to Achieve the Best Blowout

    I think we can all agree the best part about going to get your hair done at a salon is the amazing blowout you walk out with. Am I right? There is something about the volume, bounce and shine that you’re left with… But, as much as I want to achieve the look, I give up every time when I am faced with the task of picking up the blow dryer and round brush…  Well, there’s no more of that… I’ve got something better to share…Who’s ready? I know I have referenced my favorite tool before, however, I haven’t shared with you my full blow-out routine or let you in…

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    Digital Breadcrumbs

    Process Post #10 “Data helps inform and educate. But at what cost? What is your personal feeling about data trails? Do you try to minimize your footprint or have you thrown in the towel?“ Before this class, and our lecture from last week, I honestly hadn’t given data trails much thought. I knew they existed, but I don’t think I was aware of to what extent and how many platforms they can be left on. An immediate example I can think of is the daily clicking of “accept cookies” that I do, without even knowing what cookies are, or what I am accepting.  When thinking of the question “Do you…

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    What to Look for While Thrifting

    Blog Post #10 I’m sure you have all heard of thrift shopping before. You know, Macklemore’s song, or Emma Chamberlain’s favorite hobby? Yeah, it’s quite the “trend” right now, to thrift and find retro or vintage pieces. I mean, thrifting is not only super fun, but it is also great for the environment as well – so let it be a trend! By choosing to buy second-hand clothing, instead of buying brand new, you reduce waste. This, in turn, helps the planet! Essentially, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also participating in the 3 R’s; “reduce, reuse, recycle”.  With that said, I really enjoy thrifting every so often! For me personally, it’s a…

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    Mini Assignment #6

    This week, I was asked to create a gif. Here, I have taken a recent video of myself showing off my blow-out, and turned it into a gif. I added a VHS filter to give it a cool effect, as well as couple of hair stickers. I used the Dyson Airwrap to achieve this look. I have a blog post all about my blow-out routine – take a look! Featured image created with Canva. Media created with Giphy.

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #3: Vasili Soursos

    For the third peer review, I am reviewing Vasili Soursos’ website, Philosophy in Films which is a blog that touches on the themes and messages in films, through a philosophical lens. Immediately I was intrigued as I enjoy watching movies, however, I have never thought about the deeper meanings, especially in that regard. Not to mention, I also quite enjoy the sound of his title; it is catchy with the F sounds. Content I think Vasili has done a great job at indicating to his viewers what his blog is about, not only through the title of the website but also through his informative yet concise tagline. Nonetheless, I think Vasili has…

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    Can You Tell What’s the Truth Anymore?

    Process Post #9 Toward the latter half of the lecture this week, Susan brought up many relevant and important points about advertisements and being transparent as a writer, content, creator, or what have you. At one point she raised the question “Are you linking because you endorse it and truly like it or because you want to make money?”. This immediately sparked interest in me, and I was quickly reminded of influencers that I stay up to date with that fall into both ends of this spectrum.  Although I have been only watching YouTube for maybe 10 years (or less), I feel as though I have seen many transitions between aesthetics of…