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    Peer Review #3: Vasili Soursos

    For the third peer review, I am reviewing Vasili Soursos’ website, Philosophy in Films which is a blog that touches on the themes and messages in films, through a philosophical lens. Immediately I was intrigued as I enjoy watching movies, however, I have never thought about the deeper meanings, especially in that regard. Not to mention, I also quite enjoy the sound of his title; it is catchy with the F sounds. Content I think Vasili has done a great job at indicating to his viewers what his blog is about, not only through the title of the website but also through his informative yet concise tagline. Nonetheless, I think Vasili has…

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    Peer Review #2: Brianna Carniel

    For the second peer review, I am reviewing Brianna Carniel’s website, Brutally, Brianna. Right off the bat, the website catches my eye as the title is an alliteration. Though it would be nice if she made use of a tagline, to give her viewers a little more intel of what they should look forward to, as the title doesn’t evidently give it away.  Design The main color Brianna uses is a pretty pastel which is very inviting. Nevertheless, while take a closer look to her color scheme I think it would be more cohesive if she would limit it to three main colors: black, white and lavender. Thus, I would suggest…

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    Peer Review #1: Karlo Kablar

    For the first peer review, I am reviewing Karlo Kablar’s website, “Karlo Kablar Design”. Although I do not know much about gaming, or the design process of video games, I am very intrigued as I do enjoy playing Mario Kart and other simple video games. I am happy that Karlo now has this platform as Watters (2015) says “it is important to have one’s own space in order to develop one’s ideas and one’s craft (para 7). With that said, if you are a gamer, or are looking into making your own video game, give this website a gander!  Basics, Layout, and Design I really like Karlo’s title to his blog; “The…