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    Matching Sets

    Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated to work out, however, I found that when I feel confident, I am much more motivated to get up and go to the gym and kill it while I am there. That being said, a new workout outfit, a matching set, of course, usually does the trick – especially when I find myself in a bit of a workout rut.  Matching sets are just way cuter and more efficient! Rather than picking between a random pair of leggings or a top here and there, it is a lot easier to grab a matching set. They are also extremely easy to shop for! Furthermore, sets can…

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    Jeans, Really?

    Blog Post #5: Do you ever wake up feeling like you need a boost of confidence in the morning? I feel you!   Picture this: You wake up exhausted, not feeling particularly cute. You have things to tackle on your to-do list like getting your nails done and picking up some items for tonight recipe. You want to leave the house with your bedhead and your lululemon’s because no one will care, right?  But it’s totally just as easy to slip on a pair of your favorites jeans and you’ll walk out feeling way better than you would have if you went with option one.  Or picture this: You’re in the…