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    What Should You Eat For Lunch?

    Nourish bowls are my go-to meal for the afternoons! Some people call them Buddha bowls, however, no matter what you call them, these bowls are an excellent option for a healthy and easy lunch or dinner. Nourish bowls are well-balanced, healthy meal containing a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients. As I mentioned in my last blog post about meal prepping, I usually like to throw a bunch of veggies, grains, proteins, and healthy fats into a bowl and call it a day.  These bowls are the easiest way for me to eat healthy on a tight schedule. I know what I am going to eat for lunch, and it can take less than 10 minutes to put together (if prepped…

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    What I Prep for the Week!

    It can be really difficult to eat healthy and nourish your body while trying to work through a busy schedule. For me personally, I find it difficult to stay on a healthy eating track while focussing on full-time school, working, and going to the gym consistently. That being said, a helpful and healthy eating strategy that I like to take part in, is meal prepping! Before I get into what I like to do, I want to point out that there is no correct method to meal prep! Because everyone has different food preferences, diets, cooking abilities, and fitness goals, everyone’s weekly prepping is going to look a little different.…

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    Blog Post 1: Look Forward to… Beauty, Fashion and Health!   I have chosen these three topics as I am extremely passionate about all of them and have always pondered the idea of sharing my opinions, thoughts, and advice about them, either through a blog, YouTube channel, or curated Instagram page. However, I have continuously let the idea rest due to the other areas of my life I choose (not wholeheartedly) to put my time and effort in. In saying this, I have come to understand, upon recent months of reflection, that I often neglect the things that make me happy. I am not experienced in compartmentalizing and have created a very thin line between my school and personal life, which is…