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    Blog Post #3 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Hellooooo everyone! Marisa has invited me, yes me, Dory, of course, to share with you my nighttime routine and what I do to get the best sleep possible!!! She thought I would be the perfect guest writer for this topic as I have many tricks up my sleeve to keep this busy body calm, and I agree! I’m soooo excited to be here, you have no idea…like…yea…wow…Okay, okay…ANYWAYS, let’s get unready with me!!!! Well, for starters, you all know me, I have troubles unwinding, and letting my brain relax. It’s constantly racing!! How about you? Does your brain ever stop? What…

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    Mini Assignment #2: Guest Post

    This week I’ll be having a Guest writer on my blog! Everyone welcome Dory from Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”! Dory will be sharing how she unwinds and gets ready for bed! If you have trouble sleeping be sure to check it out! To read Dory’s blog post on sleep click here!