• Mini Assignments

    Mini Assignment #4: Remix

    This week, I was tasked to “remix” something. Although not very good at music software, photo editing, or anything like that, I thought I could do something simple yet eye-capturing. I thought this idea was well suited for the theme of my blog! Here, I have taken a recent outfit photo of myself (using styling techniques from my most recent post on Accessories) and have added various text boxes to mimic a fashion magazine cover. I feel as though this remix best relates to my blog and my love for fashion. Featured image created with Canva

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #2: Brianna Carniel

    For the second peer review, I am reviewing Brianna Carniel’s website, Brutally, Brianna. Right off the bat, the website catches my eye as the title is an alliteration. Though it would be nice if she made use of a tagline, to give her viewers a little more intel of what they should look forward to, as the title doesn’t evidently give it away.  Design The main color Brianna uses is a pretty pastel which is very inviting. Nevertheless, while take a closer look to her color scheme I think it would be more cohesive if she would limit it to three main colors: black, white and lavender. Thus, I would suggest…

  • Process Posts

    My Audience

    Process Post #6 Chittenden (2010) expresses that “without having cues about who will view a post, an imagined audience provides a necessary way of envisioning who should be present” (p. 512). Therefore, at the beginning of my planning and designing process, when I created my vision board, I also imagined an audience that would be viewing the blog that I was about to create. That said, the audience I have been imagining for my blog has been people like me. I have thought or have wanted my content to reach out to females that are around my age group, such as young adults ranging from 17–25-year-olds. However, I am aware that…

  • Essays

    Does the Internet Create a Democratic Space?

    Being that social media is a “medium easily accessible for both the source as well as the receiver”, citizens not only have the ability to create but also consume media freely; “connecting, networking and voicing out opinions” (Govindarajan & Ravindar, 2016, p. 4). That being said, Jha and Kodila-Tedik (2019) suggest that “the liberation technology, such as the internet, mobile phones, and social media, ha[ve] the potential to positively influence democratic outcomes” (p. 271). However, upon research, reflection, and experience, it has come to my realization that in coming to this implication, there are also concerns to look into. Although “it is true that social media is a platform to voice ones’ opinion…

  • Process Posts

    Continuing the Process

    Process Post #5 Mauve Pagé’s (2021) lecture video was extremely informative and brilliant! There were many things she touched on that I never would have thought of. She also did a really fantastic job of keeping everything simple and concise, specifically helpful for a beginner web creator and designer – I guess that is her specialty. With that said, I was able to use her video as a checklist for my own blog. I realized that I had already implemented many of the things she mentioned, however, there were a few design practices that she analyzed that I could adjust on my end.  Firstly, I feel like I have done…

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #1: Karlo Kablar

    For the first peer review, I am reviewing Karlo Kablar’s website, “Karlo Kablar Design”. Although I do not know much about gaming, or the design process of video games, I am very intrigued as I do enjoy playing Mario Kart and other simple video games. I am happy that Karlo now has this platform as Watters (2015) says “it is important to have one’s own space in order to develop one’s ideas and one’s craft (para 7). With that said, if you are a gamer, or are looking into making your own video game, give this website a gander!  Basics, Layout, and Design I really like Karlo’s title to his blog; “The…

  • Process Posts

    The Last Hour of the Internet

    Process Post #4 “If you only had one hour left with the internet what would you do in that time?” When thinking about this question during lecture, I immediately thought about pictures.  I am definitely the type of person that loves to look at pictures as they always bring back the most vivid memories. I am constantly taking photos with my friends and significant other, specifically for the purpose of them to look at later down the road. I love looking at my mom’s photo albums from when she was a young adult, as well as the albums she made for me and brother. Some may say that you don’t…

  • Mini Assignments

    Mini Assignment #2: Guest Post

    This week I’ll be having a Guest writer on my blog! Everyone welcome Dory from Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”! Dory will be sharing how she unwinds and gets ready for bed! If you have trouble sleeping be sure to check it out! To read Dory’s blog post on sleep click here! 

  • Process Posts


    Process Post #3 This week I am going to be reflecting on and voicing my opinions about the new direction  NoFrills is taking their socials and advertisements. More specifically, I will be touching on “The Haulerverse” campaigns/advertainments and website, as well as their Spotify album Haulin’ State of Mind. I am loving it! Although I am not an avid Twitter user, I immediately went over to NoFrill’s Twitter after Suzanne mentioned in lecture, the new things they have been creating. I was honestly shocked that what I was seeing was for a grocery store??  For starters, NoFrills has created a comic book-inspired campaigned called the “The Haulerverse,”as an addition to their already existing Haulers program. Essentially they…